Woodworking Gap Gauge

Woodworking Gap Gauge

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This Woodworking Gap Gauge can precisely determine the joint sizes without fussy measuring. This could quickly gauge either the thickness of the material or inside dimension of a joint.


  • Professional use: providing extreme cutting accuracy, accurate scale, exquisite workmanship, high precision.

  • High quality & Precision scale: This gap gauge is made of high quality aluminum alloy. Never rust. Professional level for the highest precision.

  • Easy to use: It can simply measure the saw slot, thus making it easy to slot and cut. Its speed and accuracy are impressive.

  • Wide application: Able to fit for table saw, router table, miter saw and JMPv2 push saw, engraving table or other tools.


  • Material: Aluminum Alloy Brass
  • Color: Red
  • Surface Treatment: Anodization
  • Scales: Laser engraving
  • Measuring: T2 (40mm); T1 (50mm)
  • Size: T2/T1
  • Production craft: CNC production surface anodized


  • 1/2 * Woodworking Gap Gauge